A strained wrist

While digitising the Cardinal Newman Archive we don’t have much time to stop and read what we put in front of us, the project would take much longer if we did.

Here I had quickly glanced at the style of writing, seen “Orphanage” as the address and assumed that it was penned by a child. But this time I paused and looked a little further… It’s not written by a chid at all but by an injured Ambrose St. John. We’ve done our best to transcribe letters from this episode below, however if you have any better ideas please let us know.

“July 25, Orphanage, Deal

Dr Fr,

I have strained my wrist and shall stay here a day or 2. Dr says all well in a few days
Yours aff.

A St J.”




“Tuesday 26, Deal

My Dear Father,

My hand is so much better that I must write a line to tell you not to be anxious about it. I can almost use it today. I shall D.V. go to Putney after Post time & then go on Thursday straight to Brighton & then on the Monday after on my trip if all is well. I am perfectly well (DF?) in health & spirits & have had a great time with the “old boy” abusing Deal pavements. All the same the place is much improved, a new pier and a long new Parade.

The Kearsage has been lying here. I have just seen her off. Please now dear Fr.don’t be anxious I am totally free from pain. Direct next letter 16 Wellington Villas, Wellington Road, Brighton.”





“Deal July 27

Dear Fr,

Thanks for your letter now I shall return to my left, only I wanted to see how much better my writing. I shall avoid London as the Morneys have not got their deed ready. I shall not wait if you wish I could I suppose get the power of Attorney from Brighton. I wish you please to leave it free to me to determine my course at Brighton one straight journey this and done with will be best. I shall I think any how go to Duppe on Monday nor will I go to Lucerne against your wish. My hand is recovering wonderfully fast it only wants strengthening now. I had indeed a very narrow escape of a broken arm. The arm was only bruised and is well now. This May has been very quiet & nice. Say an Ave for me at St. Philips, also remember my ??? anniversary, I cant say Mass yet.

Love to all,

Let dear Wm. write,

Yours Aff,

A St J”




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