Crests & Coats of Arms

One thing that I see a lot of, during the digitisation of the Cardinal Newman Archive, is paper.

In these days of email and text message, I had to think of the last time I sat down and wrote somebody a letter. Its been a while, but if I had to, I’d be hard pressed to find some decent paper to write it on. I’m sure the majority of people would have to resort to raiding their computer printer tray for a sheet of white A4. So I found great interest in the Crests and Coats of Arms that decorate much of the correspondence in the archive.

Here are just a few.


Batch 3 update

In late April we had the pleasure of a visit from Mary Jo Dorsey of National Institute of Newman Studies, Pittsburgh (NINS) and Brother Joseph from Birmingham Oratory for the first full Newman Archive team meeting at John Rylands Library. This was an excellent opportunity to catch up and discuss the progress of the project.

The third batch of archives CHICC digitised in the previous months had over 21,000 images and has now been returned and exchanged for Batch Four. The running total of images produced in this project so far comes to 63,607 images. Batch Four is due for handover in July.

Newman Team Photo

L-R: Tony Richards, Mary Jo Dorsey, Brother Joseph, Jamie Robinson and Cerys Speakman.

CHICC have also switched from shooting with the Mamiya 645DF+ camera to the Phase One iXR camera with the iQ180 back, this enables the photographers to control the camera remotely from a computer, easily moving from Live View to Capture and adjusting focus at the click of a button. More info at the Phase One website.