Project Update

A portrait of Newman from the archive

A portrait of Newman from the archive

The digitisation of John Henry Cardinal Newman’s archive is now in full swing. Since the project began only a few months ago, we have taken more than 17,600 images so far, across 22 boxes of material.

We are thrilled to now have  Tony Richards and Cerys Speakman working on the project, Tony as our photographer and Cerys as our digitisation assistant. Take a look at Tony’s amazing vintage photographic work on his site here.

A letter addressed to 'J' at the Oratory

A letter addressed to ‘J’ at the Oratory

The vast majority of the items we have photographed so far have been letters of correspondence to a variety of people, but there are also other pieces of ephemera that detail the day to day life of the Oratory, And a wonderful photographic album containing many portraits of Newman himself.

Re packaged boxes

Re packaged boxes in the climate controlled strong room at The John Rylands Library

As well as digitising the entire archive, the project also includes rehousing all the material into acid free, conservation friendly bespoke packaging. Boxes are custom made by the Collection Care team on our box maker.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Batches of 25 boxes are being shipped between the Oratory and the Rylands, the first count of 17,625 images is only from the first 22 boxes. The hand over for the next batch is in August, so once the National Institute for Newman Studies have the images, expect a lot more posting of interesting finds on the blog!

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